Salon Fashion Week in New York dedicated to pets

25 February 2015 actualité

“Tiered skirt, vest lame, wigs and big earrings, Paco and Pearl seem a little nervous. In a few minutes, the parade begins.
Paco and Pearl are two chihuahuas. Because in New York during Fashion Week, even pets have their parades. They were about 150 Thursday night, in a large Manhattan hotel, and to participate in the 11th annual edition of the New York Pet Show: dogs, some cats, two chickens and even a large lizard, which was to march with a tiny skirt feathers on a skateboard, idea of ​​his mistress not to dwell on the podium. Yeyush, a Chihuahua 7 years that his Instagram account, came in black jacket and bandana with small skulls and sunglasses, with his master Sergio Galdamez, a New Yorker of Guatemalan origin. Juju, a Yorkshire terrier, wearing a long lace dress vintage forcefully pink bows. Paco, Pearl and Penelope, another small Yorkshire terrier dressed in silver lamé dress like their masters, a couple of decidedly disco Dallas. For the evening is placed under the sign of the 60s and 70s.
Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are not really vintage: Lady Gaga is completely fluorescent pink, Beyoncé wears a small vest. “I wanted to be unique, I wanted to be different, so I chose chickens”, told AFP the owner Sharon Folken, Brooklyn, two birds a little restless in her arms. And she says, love of animals requires that the dye Lady Gaga is not dangerous.
– Designer “couture” –
Some designers are more serious, like Anthony Rubio, designer “couture” for animals. In 2014, he was named Designer of the Year at the New York Pet show. So it does not scroll anymore because “it’s not worth” but came with her two chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba the elaborately dressed trio “Band Sergeant Pepper” of the Beatles. He made three green costumes, red and blue. Ten years ago he made clothes “couture” for animals, and his business, he said, are doing well. The costume dog who saves last year cost $ 5,000. This year, the little red hat Bogie, handmade, costs 150, his tiny suit between 400 and 500. “I was one of the first” designer for animals, he says.
Chen Sahar, a young jeweler in Tel Aviv, created especially for the evening and three parades, a necklace and a ring worn by Annabelle, an 8 month old puppy available for adoption. The necklace is made of leather and silver, with
195 Swarovski crystals, the matching bracelet, Annabelle door to the right front leg, is also leather and silver inlaid with 200 small crystals and a large crystal rose. Package price, $ 12,000. Chen also has a matching necklace. She does not know if she will sell her creations. “This is the first time I make jewelry for animals,” she said.
“But I like special projects.”
The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, among dog strollers, vendors of specialized products and models who wait with their master behind the scenes. “My boys love to dress up all the time. They have a much bigger wardrobe than mine,” said Anthony Rubio spoke of his chihuahuas. Only bearded agama (large lizard) that its owner Susi Lacoff Resnser prepares to scroll on his skateboard looks absolutely indifferent.
The evening was intended as every year to adopt abandoned animals, actors from the first show, and to raise funds for organizations working to save these abandoned animals. “We hope to raise a lot of money,” said confident, the president of the New York Pet Show Gregg Oehler. ”
Source: AFP
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